Learn to kayak with TCC - Pool sessions

We have a practice session at Totnes Pavillions swimming pool on the last Saturday of each month, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. This is a good time to come along and meet the club members. All are welcome. Bring your swimming kit and a towel to join in. We supply boats, paddles and spray decks.

What can I do at a pool session?

There will be one or more qualified instructors present if you need help. If you are a beginner we can instruct in the basics; for improvers we can help with strokes, capsize drills and rescue situations. The pool is also a good place for more advanced paddlers to learn to roll, and we can help with that too. It is also a good time for newcomers interested in joining the club to come along, meet us and see if you like us!

Top tips

Many people like to wear an old t-shirt over their swimming kit at the pool sessions. If you intend to be rolling or capsizing and don't like water up your nose then a nose-clip is a very good idea. When you are learning to roll it is often a good idea to bring a face-mask or goggles so you can see what is going on when submerged, as it is very disorienting otherwise.

Bringing your own kit

We supply nylon spray decks, if you want to use your own neoprene deck, your own special paddle or want to practice rolling with a bouyancy aid then please ensure they are CLEAN and have been rinsed in clean fresh water before bringing them into the pool. Sorry we are not allowed to bring our own boats to the pool - the Club keep a set of boats at the pool for all to use.

What does it cost?

Pool sessions are free for club members. You can attend one pool session as a guest but should become a club member after that time.

Club membership provides access to the club equipment, advice and training, club trips and events and BCU third-party insurance for canoeing activities.

Any other questions?

Contact the enrolments officer ().

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